PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan


Did you know that poor nutrition is a leading cause of death and disability in India? Over the years, countless people have died because of malnutrition. This is why the Government of India has launched a program called the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan (PSNA).

The goal of this initiative is to ensure that all Indians have access to good nutrition and are leading healthier lives. Under this initiative, the government provides free access to nutritional supplements, health check-ups, and medical services. It also provides medical advice on necessary lifestyle changes.

This article will give you an overview of the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan and how it can help you improve your nutrition and overall health. We’ll also discuss how you can benefit from this program and how it could potentially save your life.

What Is the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan?

Have you heard about the Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan? It’s a key pillar of the Government of India’s mission to improve nutrition among women and children across the country.

The PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan, also known as PMPSNA, was launched in 2021. It runs for three years and is part of the Prime Minister’s commitment to improving nutritional standards for women, children and adolescents.

The program has two main objectives: improving the nutritional status of vulnerable pregnant women and adolescent girls, and improving health and nutrition monitoring systems to better track progress. To achieve these objectives, PMPSNA takes a multi-pronged approach that includes providing access to nutritious food, raising awareness through nutrition education activities, strengthening health systems, and increasing community support.

The program focuses on providing resources to vulnerable populations as well as creating an enabling environment for sustainable nutrition improvement in India. Ultimately, it seeks to reduce malnutrition rates among vulnerable populations by focusing on comprehensive interventions in areas such as food security and production; health education; sanitation and hygiene; gender equality; social protection programs; nutrition-sensitive agriculture; and water management.

Overview of the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan

You may have heard of the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan, but do you know what it’s all about? The PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan (PSN) is a Government of India scheme designed to ensure that the nutrition outcomes of children in the age group 0-6 years are improved.

The PSN scheme has five components:

  • Promotion of Nutrition Gardens: This component provides skill development training, technical support and incentives to households to establish home nutrition gardens.
  • Promotion of Nutritious Recipes: The objective of this component is to create recipe books and other material promoting healthy diets.
  • Nutrition Education and Counseling: This component focuses on providing children, adolescents and pregnant and lactating mothers with nutrition counseling and education.
  • Micronutrient Supplementation: The objective here is to provide iron, folic acid and vitamin A supplements to children in the age group 0-6 years who are anemic.
  • Capacity Building: This component aims at developing capacity building materials for frontline workers on how to deliver quality services related to resolving nutritional issues.

The combination of these five components creates a comprehensive approach to nutrition which helps improve the nutritional outcomes of children in India.

Objectives of the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan

As you now know, the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan is a scheme to improve maternal and child health. But what are the objectives of this scheme? The PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan has four key objectives:

To reduce malnutrition

The primary goal of the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan is to reduce malnutrition among mothers and children. The scheme has set this goal by aiming for a reduction in stunting, underweight, and wasting by at least 2 percent per annum.

To improve healthcare access

The scheme also seeks to improve access to healthcare services among mothers and children, particularly in rural areas. The scheme aims to do this by providing better quality antenatal care (ANC) and postnatal care (PNC) services, as well as immunization services for pregnant women and newborns.

To improve health outcomes

The PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan will also aim to improve health outcomes for mothers and children. This includes reducing infant mortality rates, reducing maternal mortality rates, reducing neonatal mortality rates, reducing anemia levels among women of reproductive age, and improving access to safe drinking water for pregnant women and newborns.

To increase awareness about maternal and child health issues

Finally, the PM Poshan Shakti Nirman Abhiyaan aims to increase awareness about issues related to maternal and child health. This includes campaigns that promote healthy behaviors such as breastfeeding and nutrition counseling. It also seeks to dispel myths related to nutrition that may hinder people from getting timely health guidance when needed most.

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